Angra dos Reis RJ

With 365 islands, 2,000 beaches and eight bays, the beautiful Angra dos Reis holds historic treasures amid lush nature, white sand stripes and transparent green sea water. Distant 166 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, Angra offers five tourist corridors: Ponta Leste, Centro, Estrada do Contorno, Ponta Sul and Ilha Grande, the most famous in the region.

Among the most requested activities are trails that lead to waterfalls or reserved beaches, boat trips that have as destination paradisiac islands or dives among colorful fish. Ilha Grande is the most visited place and Abraão Village is the main local village.

To facilitate your stay in Angra we have created a special part not only for tourists but locals who want to explore this city full of history, beauty and mysteries. They are tips and suggestions of tours through the best sights of the city, which you can not miss. Click here and check it out!