Gray on the Sea

We offer the boat rental service for Ash Ceremony at Sea after cremation. We offer a beautiful tribute to the memory of your loved one. We understand that it is a simple and delicate moment for the family. That's why our team was specially trained to serve this type of audience and handle the situation.

All our locations are private and personalized. In this way, you can choose from the duration, route, capacity and type of the boat. The capacity and type of boat will depend mainly on the amount of people on board. However, if you have no preference of duration and location we always suggest Praia Vermelha.

This suggestion takes into account the proximity of the place of embarkation, the technical knowledge of the region such as water quality, depth, tide and wind. In addition, we also consider the beauty of the place, the history of the services already provided and the total duration, which on average takes about 1 hour to perform this service.