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Angra dos Reis is a Brazilian municipality located in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is located at an average altitude of six meters and has, in its coastline, 365 islands. It has an area of ​​816.3 km².

Today, due to the beauty of its beaches and the nearby regions, Angra has become a stronghold of tourism not only state but also national. It has 97 islands, many of them being owned by national and international celebrities, the largest of which is called Ilha Grande.

Ilha Grande is an archipelago located in the municipality of Angra dos Reis, south coast of Rio de Janeiro. It has 193 km2 and more than 100 blue-green beaches, lush vegetation formed by the Atlantic Forest, adventure-filled trails, wild animals, year-round tropical climate and welcoming people.

The most famous beaches are: Lopes Mendes, Aventureiro, Caxadaço, Dois Rios, Parnaioca, Bananal, Araçatiba, Provetá and incredible corners like Blue Lagoon, Saco do Céu, Abraão and Palmas.

A place where you will make unforgettable boat trips, caves dives and places full of marine life, meet semi-deserted beaches, bathe in crystal clear waterfalls and make many friends. A perfect nook for the whole family.


Big Island

Largest island in the bay of Angra dos Reis, it was the scene of several sea battles in the centuries following the discovery of Brazil, which resulted in many shipwrecks. Pirates and slave traders also passed by. In the 20th century, the island even served as a prison for political prisoners. Now, its main economic activity is tourism and Abraão Village is the main local village.

Gipóia Island

Second largest island in that region. With its green and calm waters, it is one of the most sought after by tourists, it has good infrastructure with kiosks, bars and restaurants. From the beach of the Arrows you will have a beautiful view of the Botinas, Grand Islands and Dentist's Beach. Get to know the Brava beach, ideal for surfing, and the Amendoeiras beach, strip of desert sand and great for diving.

Long Island

Much sought after by those who enjoy diving, the island has received this name because of its great length (they are over four miles long). It is located on the north side of the Ribeira Bay and is connected to the mainland by the mangroves of the Baixada de Bracuhy. With abundant vegetation, it has small private beaches that can only be seen at low tide.

Botinas Islands

Also known as "Sisters Islands" or "Twin Islands", they are the postcard of Angra. Its waters are so crystalline that it is possible to observe the bottom of the sea by up to 10 meters of depth. The island takes its name because of its shape, which looks like a pair and shoes.

Whale Beach

The beach is located in the Ponta Leste Tourist Corridor and has the appearance of a huge natural pool. It is recommended for families with children. Almost wild, it has white sands and crystal clear waters.

Anil Beach

Located in the center of Angra, it is close to Ayrton Senna Avenue. It has extensive strip of sand, calm waters and mild temperature. Entire families can have fun on the spot with ease.

Biscay Beach

It is about 22 kilometers from the center of Angra. It is the beach that most attracts visitors in Ponta Leste during the high season. With white sand, clean water and shallow depth, it attracts families with children.

Grotto Beach

Distant about seven kilometers from the center, access is made by trail in the woods, from Estrada do Contorno. The narrow strip of sand is filled with rocks that form small caves.

Mambucaba Beach

Extensive and with calm and clean waters, it is cut by a river of dark waters. It houses the Historical Village of Mambucaba and is located 50 kilometers from the center, near Paraty. It has bars kiosks and restaurants.

Garatucaia Beach

The beach borders the municipality of Mangaratiba, on BR-101, towards Rio de Janeiro. It is perfect for surfing, with rough waters. The many bars on the waterfront serve delicious snacks and drinks.

Bracuhy Beach

Located on BR-101, towards Santos, access is made by km 504, through a condominium. It has a hotel built amidst the ruins of an old mill. It has marina and excellent structure for those who own boats. It is 15 miles from downtown Angra.

Portogalo Beach

Located in the condominium of the same name, the beach has calm and transparent waters where you can observe the marine fauna. In addition, the condominium has a hotel that gives access to the beach by a cable car. Guaranteed fun.

Red Beach

Located on BR-101, the access is made by km 526. Calm beach, with warm green waters. Its name is due to the sand strip having shades ranging from yellow to reddish. The sunset on this beach is one of the most beautiful in this city.

Convento San Bernardino de Sena

Postcard of the city, can be seen from afar by those who arrive by the sea. It was erected in the place of the old Franciscan Convent of Cachoeira and inaugurated in 1763. It worked until 1859, when it happened to house a house of orphans and liceu.ENDEREÇO: Ladeira de San Bernardino de Sena, Morro de Santo Antônio / downtown.

Church of Lapa / Museum of Sacred Art

Work of Baltazar Mendes de Araújo, the church was completed in 1752. In it is the Museum of Sacred Arts of Angra dos Reis, whose collection has more than 100 pieces, the most precious being a sculpture of Our Lady of the Rosary carved in terracotta. ADDRESS: Rua Doutor Bastos, s / nº / dowmtown.

Leme Fort

The fort was inaugurated on October 14, 1911 and deactivated in 1950. In the ruins are abandoned two 234-mm Armstrong cannons that belonged to the battleship Riachuelo.ENDEREÇO: Monsuaba Highway | Ponta Leste.

Ruins of the Bracuhy Central Plant

Located inside the Bracuhy Condominium, built on the former Bracuhy Farm, the ruins were in the past the most modern sugar mill in Brazil, with various equipment coming from Europe. The beautiful architecture can still be admired. In the middle of this, the Hotel Engenho do Bracuhy is built.

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