Board service



1. We do not charge extra cost if the client prefers to take the food and drinks for his own consumption on board. We only ask that you avoid glasses, bottles and porcelain and prefer plastic and acrylic for your own safety. But, the onboard service must be hired up to 24 hours before boarding and the amounts are charged per person.

2. On-board service for or party in Saveiros.
2.1. Buffet TOP without barbecue:
2.1.1. Drinks: Beer, caipirinha and Caipivodka of Lemon, passion fruit and 1 fruit of the season (Vodka Smirnoff), Cuba Libre, Hi-Fi, Sex on the beach, Soft drinks and light, Mineral Water,
2.1.2. Buffet: Toasts and pates, Cold cuts, Mini dogs, Oven salted, Carpaccio of meat in the sauce of capers, Calabrese potato, Eggs of quail with rosé sauce, Olives, Salpicão of ham and chicken, Sandwiches by meter (assorted fillings) , Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Shrimp Sushi, Kani Sushi, California Roll, Filadelphia Tekkimaki Tuna, Kappamaki, Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese.
2.2. Buffet with barbecue:
2.2.1. Beverages: Beer, Caipirinha and Caipivodka of lemon, passion fruit and fruits of the time (Vodka Smirnoff), Common and light soft drinks, Mineral Water,
2.2.2. Buffet: Toasts and pates, Quail eggs with rosé sauce, Basket of various breads, Olives, Trays with cheeses and cold cuts, Sub sandwiches (variety filling), Fruit Salad
2.2.3. Barbecue: Picanha, Alcatra, Drumet of chicken, Sausage, Rice, Farofa, Mayonnaise salad, Sauce with the campaign, Bread of garlic.

3. On-board service for launches, yachts, sailboats, trawlers and boats.
3.1. For the 6 hour tour we recommend the barbecue: R $ 150.
3.2. For the 4 hour tour we suggest mini sandwiches: R $ 100.
3.3. For the tour of 2 hours we offer fruits of the season: R $ 50.
3.4. In contracting any of the onboard service options, non-alcoholic drinks, ice coolers, acrylic cups and napkins are also included.
3.5. The hiring of the barbecue costs 250 reais (with the sailor preparing the barbecue). In this mode the customer takes everything they will consume and the material to use.

4. We customized the food and drink menu especially on New Year's Eve