Nautical Support


The fANTASMA BOAT is a company that offers all types of maritime services whether for individuals or legal. In addition to the rental of boats for leisure such as tour, trip, party, diving, fishing and nautical sports, we also have specific boats to perform towing and transport service, water collection, regatta support and content generation.

The trailer can be made in water or by land. In the water it occurs when the boat needs help because of mechanical problems during navigation or in case the client wants to hire one of our sailors to carry the boat itself. By land, the client requests our trucking service.

We offer water collection support service in Rio de Janeiro. This service helps the research institutes that control the quality of the water in the seas and guide the population about the tiscos or not of bathing in certain places.

We have boats, technicians and sailors specializing in racing competitions. We take care of all the details, we give advice and orientations for the practitioners of this modality from the location of the boat to the accompaniment and training of the athlete.

The photo and video service is often performed by customers who need to generate images of other vessels or people inside the vessel. This occurs for example in filming for novels, book of photos for commemorative dates, television broadcasting, magazine and newspaper for new boat launches.

Registro Ministério

Turismo - Cadastur

CNPJ: 31.291.687/0001-95

Inscrição Municipal: 1.127.616-4

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