Routes Angra RJ

Rio de Janeiro - Cidade Maravilhosa - Dicas - Pontos Turisticos

We make a sea tour in Angra and Ilha Grande, where you will get to know the beauties of this beautiful place of transparent waters. We suggest two scripts. One of them has as destinations the Cataguases and Botinas Islands, the Lagoa Azul (already in the Bay of Ilha Grande) and Gipóia (beach of the Arrows and Ponta da Piedade). The other route goes to Ilha Grande and stops at Lagoa Azul and Japaris. They last, on average, 6 hours. But, as our tours are personalized, you can draw your own script and explore the region.

Suggested itinerary for boat trip:
1- Ilha de Cataguases: Island that has a peculiar formation due to two small stretches of land originated from Serra do Mar, is one of the most beautiful islands of Ilha Grande Bay.
2- Lagoa Azul: A natural aquarium where we find one of the most beautiful diving spots on Ilha Grande. An immense swimming pool with clear water, whose bottom is a sky of starfish, with schools of colorful fish, squid and coral. Do not forget your bathing suit.
3- Ponta da Piedade: Calm sea beach with clear waters, fine and clear sand, 150 meters long is a great option for children and the elderly to take a refreshing sea bath. At the end of the beach, in Ponta da Piedade is located the small Church of the Piedade.
4- Botinas Islands: Also known as Twin Islands is the main postcard of the city of Angra dos Reis. Its main attractions are the incredibly clear waters and white sands. It is a stopover point for boat trips and schooner, the depth reaches 10 meters, ideal for diving.