Boat route Búzios

Rio de Janeiro - Cidade Maravilhosa - Dicas - Pontos Turisticos

If the tour purchased is private you can choose the places to be visited. However, the most recommended is to get to know the whole north side of the peninsula by visiting more than 10 beaches on a spectacular tour with a stop to dive in the corals of João Fernandes, Feia Island and Tartaruga Beach. If the ride purchased from the sloop is community you will make the script already pre-programmed.

We also do a sea tour through the beaches of Arraial do Cabo and Búzios. In the Boat Tour in Arraial you will know the beauties of this beautiful place of transparent waters and you will have the opportunity to visit Forno Beach, Prainha, Pontal Island, Praia dos Anjos, Ilha do Farol, Fenda de Nossa Senhora, Monkey Face and Grotto Blue.