Professionals RJ


As previously stated, all our rentals are private and personalized. One way to make it more professional and differentiated from the market is the possibility of including the hiring of highly qualified labor. This service is available to the most demanding customers, who seek peace of mind during the period on board.

For professional and amateur athletes we have technicians for training in regattas, skiing and wakeboarding. They are highly skilled teachers who will teach modality techniques and improve their performance.

Some stopping points require a lot of attention from the tide, ripple and current. For this we offer our lifeguards, who have a course, register in the fire department and are able to take care of everyone while your group is in the water and is especially alert when a child or elderly person is diving.

We also have tourist guides registered in the Ministry of Tourism. The tour guide will have the mission to help you set up the itinerary and organize the activities that will be done during the day, ensuring that you get to know the best sights. In a very creative and humorous way they will tell the stories and legends of the places.

Businessmen, executives, authorities, personalities and their families can count on our private security service. Our agents are duly authorized by the Federal Police and you will have at your disposal a specialized security team dedicated to protecting you from the threats of everyday life.

Fantasma Boat tem o melhor serviço e equipamento de Mergulho no Rio de Janeiro.